Cruises Without The Crowds

The deep-pocketed are also chartering for another reason. “They don’t want to be with other people,” said Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal, president of Fischer Travel Enterprises. Her clientele likes waterborne trips to celebrate big birthdays, reward employees or seamlessly bring friends together. They’ve “always yachted,” she said, but now they’re taking over smaller ships and footing the bill for their friends and family.

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Fischer Travel

Travel Agents Are Back: Here Are Expert Companies Ready to Craft Your Dream Trip

Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts. It’s official: Internet booking sites are the worst. Which means travel agents are back in a big way, to such a degree that the crème de la crème among them are so selective that they’ll work with only a small group of card-carrying members. We talked […]

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Fischer Travel Enterprises Launches New Hospitality Consulting Firm

Fischer Travel Enterprises, the ultra-exclusive travel and lifestyle company, known for setting the highest standard for service excellence in the global hospitality industry, has created a new venture; Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting.

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Free Agents

The number of unaffiliated travel agencies and travel advisors has been steadily decreasing, but they still exist thanks to both the entry of new businesses and a fiercely independent few who don’t see any reason to link up with a consortium, host or franchise.

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The Father-Daughter Duo Behind The World’s Most Exclusive Vacations

Money is no object for Fischer Travel clients. Whether that’s spending nearly a million dollars for a prime Super Bowl suite, flying in the costume designer from Downton Abbey for a masquerade party or getting married at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc during the Cannes Film Festival, people will pay anything to get what they want.

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From Secluded Resorts to An Antarctic Yacht, This Is Where The Wealthy Vacation

There was once a time when the world’s wealthy paid attention to the cost of their trips, but with stock markets rising over the last nine years, making the rich even richer, many are now apparently willing to spend whatever it takes to get a once-in-lifetime vacation.

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How New-Breed Travel Agents Can Give You an Edge

“Luxury is the absence of worry,” said Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal, the president of subscription-based travel and lifestyle planners Fischer Travel, which has been around since 1959.

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Bill Fischer, Fischer Travel

Who better to feature on the first cover of Luxury Travel Advisor than the unflappable, impeccable Bill Fischer of Fischer Travel Enterprises, to project the pinnacle of absolute affluent travel? He was, 10 years ago, and remains today, the icon on the luxury travel industry...

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Stories of our remarkable clients

What do you get for someone who has everything? The answer could well be a membership with Fischer Travel.

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At Fischer Travel, The Sky’s The Limit

When Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal, the newly named president of Fischer Travel Enterprises, looks back over the 28 years she has worked in the family business, she recognizes a major shift in the company’s M.O.

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Bill Fischer and Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal Fischer Travel

Father-daughter duo Bill Fischer and Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal are redefining what a luxury travel agency is all about. With a unique take on a profession that a decade ago looked as if it was going to be replaced by the internet, Fischer-Rosenthal is reinvigorating what her legendary father invented a generation before—and they do it all with mutual admiration and nary a cross word.

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Bill Fischer:
Living & Breathing Luxury

It’s no secret that Bill Fischer charges his clients a sizeable fee to enter his world of luxury services, and a healthy retainer simply to maintain their elite status with him. His phone and fax numbers are unlisted, and he has a list of VIPs around the world who are anxiously waiting to become a client of Fischer Travel.

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